V. Carr is President and CEO of Carr Protocol Consultants
International, a leader in protocol intelligence and etiquette
consulting in the corporate, military and government sectors.
Accoutered with nearly 15 years of experience in protocol and
etiquette as well as a life-long interest in the subject, Mrs. Carr
brings an unparalleled level of professionalism, knowledge and
proficiency to the industry. As a protocol and etiquette consultant,
she was formally trained under the Former Deputy Director for the
Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Special Events
and Protocol for the Smithsonian Institution, the former Chief of
Protocol for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and received
certification from the prestigious and internationally recognized
Protocol School of Washington®.

Mrs. Carr is also President and CEO of
VIC Interiors, Inc. ® where
she has worked with discerning clients across the United States and
the world. Using her personal experience and extensive research on
protocol and etiquette, she has planned conferences, formal dinners
and special events.  A veteran of the United States Marine Corps,
Mrs. Carr uses her experience with military customs, courtesies
and protocol to coordinate formal functions including military
change of command receptions and civic ceremonies.

As founder and director of The Interior Design Resource Agency,
Mrs. Carr gives seminars on protocol and business etiquette and
also coordinates and facilitates industry-specific symposiums for
interior design professionals. She also provides protocol intelligence
seminars and strategies to help professionals compete on a national
and global level.

As a result of her professionalism, keen business sense and high
level of personal polish, V. Carr is held in high regard by her clients:
a highly selective group of successful professionals, governmental
agencies, military organizations, leaders and corporate executives.

Having an intense dedication to investing in the lives of others, Mrs.
Carr is heralded for her desire to make a positive impact on the lives
of those around her. V. Carr strives to help others to achieve their
goals and surpass their highest vision for themselves.